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Find out why more clinicians are partnering with ODI Diagnostics to make INR monitoring easy.

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The Benefits of Patient Self-Testing.

  • The warfarin black box warning calls for more frequent patient testing.​

  • Patients who self-test on a weekly basis demonstrate a higher percentage of time in target therapeutic range (TTR) (greater than 70 percent) as compared to patients testing under usual care models.

  • Patients who self-test their INR are at a lower risk of adverse events.

  • A high percentage of patients can learn how to perform home INR testing and maintain the ability to self-test over time.

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The Benefits of Partnering with ODI Diagnostics.

Doctor and Patient

More Time

with Patients

Focus on your patients instead of in-office testing and data entry. Our experienced team and exceptional systems help you spend more time providing care instead of completing paperwork.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Customizable Results Management

Stay up-to-date on your patients’ health with our results management system, which sends you customized notifications about your patients’ results. You can use a standalone management system or integrate the system into your existing electronic medical record.




Your INR patient self-testing program is customized to your office’s needs. As an independently owned business, we provide flexible services that can quickly grow and change with your practice.


Easy Enrollment

We make starting patient self-testing easy. We enroll patients, verify their insurance coverage and ensure they understand their financial responsibility before self-testing begins.

Office Desk

Reduced Point-Of-Care Spending

Our reliable INR monitoring services come at no cost to your practice. You may even see lowered costs due to a reduced need for point-of-care testing in your office.


Increased Testing Compliance

Once your patient has received self-testing training, we ensure that he or she is adhering to your prescribed test frequency and other instructions. We will provide you with a report of all patients who have not tested after multiple reminders so you can adjust their treatment.

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